Our Team


Pat Feulner

Pat Feulner embodies the spirit behind the push for STEM education. He has taught for the past 25 years, developing programs and strategies to not just educate the students, but to spark within them the love and passion for Science, Engineering and Technology, that has become so rare. He doesn’t just teach the lesson, but brings in real world application. More and more students walk in the door of his classroom every day and never look back. He has founded StemEd4Life to bring this combination of experience and passion into classrooms everywhere.


Michael Terronez

We are pleased to announce the addition of Michael Terronez to the fold at StemEd4Life. Michael is an award-winning primary- and secondary-school instructor. He has provided extensive thought leadership on the development of STEM curricula at schools throughout the Midwest, from K through 12.

 STEM education on the elementary level looks very different than it does for high school kids. Mike specializes in these differences, and in developing STEM curricula that will engage and interest children from Kindergarten through eighth grade. He works extensively with elementary-level educators to illustrate the techniques that will allow them to add technology and engineering to their programs.

Steve Skorup

Steve has taught TEE and STEM for 33 years and has been recognized throughout Illinois and the nation as a teacher who excels in this field. He helped start up and lead the STEM education program in the Indian Prairie School District #204.  He is a former National Board Certified Teacher (NBCT), recognized by his peers, students, parents and community as an outstanding educator inside and outside the classroom. He has assisted other school districts to bring STEM education to their students, focusing primarily on the 6th-12th grade levels. He has formed partnerships with the business community to bring STEM to life with speakers, field trips, internships and jobs opportunities for his students.